Crystals for Weight Loss

Crystals for Weight Loss.  How does healing crystals help with weight loss?  Well, first I'll tell you what they are not.  They are not a diet,  not pills or stimulants that can damage your body,  they aren't expensive surgery, nor are they hours in the gym while everyone stares at you.  

What they are is a personal weapon against weight loss.  One that uses the healing properties of crystals along with your motivation to help you lose weight.   Let's take a look.

Blue Apatite is the master stone in this set.  It is known to suppress hunger, raise your metabolism, fight off cravings for high sugar/high carb foods, and lead to healthier eating habits. 

Sodalite - also works to increase metabolism, reduce high carb cravings, and lead to healthier eating habits.

Amethyst -  Uses its ultra-powerful calming, addiction, and anti-anxiety properties to help fight the urges to eat while helping the body remain calm and at peace with itself.

White Howlite aids in detoxification, helps process and balance emotions, and allows you to see clearly what needs to be done to reach your weight loss goals.

Carnelian should be tested before use, -  this stone can cause feelings of increased hunger in some individuals due to its powerful effects on the metabolism.   Introduce it only after you have used the other 5 crystals successfully and can bring the carnelian in and see how it affects you.   If it does increase your hunger but it away,  and briefly hold for a minute or two daily for 30 days to allow the body to get used to the new crystal energy.  

Blue Apatite, Sodalite, Amethyst, White Howlite, Carnelian

Ready for a different approach to weight loss,  one that works and can be used consistently even for long terms?  If so,  then order yours today,  limited supply available.

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