Crystals for Health and Happiness

While lots of stones can help with health and happiness, these are the most essential and the most powerful. This set is not sold with Tumbled Stones, instead we harness the power of the natural crystal form. Clusters and Raw chunks.

These 4 stones work together to produce some really great energy and positive vibes to keep you happy and healthy all year.

Here are the 4 Crystals included in your set.

Amethyst - helps soothe away worry, anxiety, addictions, and more. It taps into your intuition and creativity while keeping you very relaxed and calm.

Citrine is your Abundance and success stone. It supports clarity and also creativity. It provides a really happy, feel good vibe.

Rose Quartz - The ultimate stone of love, Rose Quartz nourishes self love while also attracting love from others.

Selenite Stick - is used seperately to clear all energies from the body.

Each set comes with a metal tin keepsake box as well as instructions with how to get the most out of your crystals.

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