Crystals for Success, Abundance, and Wealth

You can succeed at anything you put your mind to when you have the 11 Healing Crystals for Success, Abundance, and Wealth.


The crystals in this set were hand-chosen based on their individual healing properties that support and assist with the success and the many attributes it takes to be successful. When used together these healing crystals contain the energy to give you the confidence, knowledge, security, intellect and so much more that is needed to be successful.

11 Healing Crystals for Success, Abundance, and Wealth


Blue Apatite - clears away confusion, apathy, or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

Citrine - Is a stone of abundance, it will attract wealth, prosperity, and success

Amazonite - gives you the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings, set clear boundaries, and move beyond fear of judgment. It vanishes negative energy and protects you from those trying to take advantage of you. 

Green Aventurine - the luckiest of crystals - will release old habits and make room for growth and new opportunities. Will bring forth optimism and allow you to move forward with confidence and embrace change. 

Carnelian - attracts prosperity, is a crystal of ambition, drive, and determination. 

Amethyst - enhance creativity and passion, strengthen your intuition, and allow you to focus and bring success. 

Clear Quartz - universal stone - can aid in all aspects of success.

Lapis Lazuli / Sodalite - a symbol of wisdom and truth. Stimulates your desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. 

Tigers Eye - Inspires creativity and intellectual abilities. Protects from other negative intentions. 

Fluorite - Genius Stone, supports thought, focus, concentration and balances life. Will boost aptitude, allow for new information to be absorbed. Protects from evil spirits during sleep. 

Pyrite - Power of Abundance and success. Stimulates memory and new ideas. Transforms self-doubt into confidence and abundance. 

Rose Quartz - works by healing the inner you, your confidence, and the love you have for yourself. 

Selenite Stick - used separately to clear all energies from the body

This set also comes with a burlap bag to hold your crystals and a metal tin box to store your crystals. Success is just around the corner, go get it!

Any statements about medical or mental health, are based on folklore and have not been approved or endorsed by the FDA.