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Sodalite Meaning & Sodalite Properties

Sodalite Meaning and Sodalite Healing Properties - Free Healing Crystal Guide

Sodalite Properties


Sodalite Healing Properties:

Groups, Honesty, Fellowship, Companionship, Self-Esteem, Self-Trust, Purpose


Sodalite Metaphysical Properties:

Sodalite Birthstone - Sagittarius
Sodalite Ruling Planet - Moon
Sodalite Earth Element - Water and Air
Sodalite Harmonizes with Clear Quartz
Sodalite Chakra Alignment: Third Eye and Throat
Sodalite Vibration: Number 4
Sodalite Astrological Association: Sagittarius
Sodalite Hardness: 5.5 to 6
Sodalite Chemical Composition: Na8(Al6Si6O24)Cl2
Sodalite Crystal System: Cubic
Sodalite Color: Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Yellow, White, Pink, and Lavender Blue


Sodalite Meaning

What is Sodalite?  All about Sodalite.

Sodalite Crystal provides the ability to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental processes. Sodalite Crystal helps to eliminate confusion and to both equalize and stimulate one's intellect to be compatible with each situation.

Sodalite Crystal furthers the aspects and outcomes of unemotional efficiency, providing direction of purpose with the lightness of heart.

Sodalite Stone is an excellent stone for use in groups; it provides for fellowship, solidarity, and a commonality of goal and purpose, within the group.  Sodalite Stone also facilitates the manifestation of the qualities of companionship and mutual non-dependence, encouraging self-esteem, self-trust, and trust in others. Sodalite Stone has further stimulated the end to co-dependency.

Raw Sodalite can be used to enhance truthfulness in emotions, allowing one to both recognize and verbalize the true feelings. Raw Sodalite can further act to allow one to both “speak the truth” and to “know the truth”. Raw Sodalite can also provide one with access to the sacred laws of the universe; calmly presenting the ideas, stimulating thought, and allowing the subtle feelings to permeate the center of the ones being. The “knowing” comes without the “work” - How Wonderful!

Sodalite Feng Shui

Sodalite is primarily associated with the Water element, which makes it a great stone for the North side of your home. Sodalite can bring self-esteem, confidence, and discipline to your Career area or offer clarity and emotional harmony to your Spiritual Development area.