December 26, 2020 2 min read

Septarian Meaning & Properties

Septarian Properties:

  • Septarian Chakra Alignment: Root (Base) and Throat
  • Septarian Earth Element: Earth
  • SeptarianNumeric Vibration: Master Number 66
  • SeptarianAstrological Association: Taurus
  • Septarian Hardness: 3 to 4
  • SeptarianChemical Composition: Fossil with Calcite
  • SeptarianColor: Yellow, Brassy, Brown, Gold


Septarian Healing Properties

Speaking, Patience, Endurance, Tolerance, Anonymity, Survival

Septarian Meaning

The mineral has been used to enhance the gift of speaking such that one may speak to an audience in a personal and individualized manner, facilitating one's presentation such that one displays an aura of being totally interested in each of the members of the audience.

The energy of the power totems for the turtle and beetle are also activated by the mineral.  It assists in instilling patience, endurance, and tolerance (for the self and for all).  Bringing energy that dispels curiosity in others, it has been used to assist one in maintaining anonymity with respect to one's finances, one's relationships, one's activities, etc.

It has further supported one's “survivalist” activities, allowing for the motto of “always be prepared” to manifest within one's life, and to transfer to one's outer presentation. Sometimes called dragon stones, Septarian crystals are powerful shamanic stones that enhance spiritual groups and rituals. Septarian is a mixture of several minerals, often including Calcite, Aragonite, and Chalcedony, and no two pieces are the exact same composition. Septarian stones have a strong connection to the energy of the earth, intensifying communication and exploration of ethereal energies.

Septarian is primarily associated with the base chakra, providing a strong grounding force, but it also activates the throat chakra, enhancing communication and public speaking. Septarian stones facilitate patience, endurance, and tolerance, both for yourself and for others.


Septarian Feng Shui:

Septarian is primarily associated with the Earth element, making it an idea stone for the Family and New Beginnings or Health areas of your home. Septarian stones can bring mental stamina and patience to relationships or new challenges.